Desk Lighting Revisited

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a revisit to the desk lighting project I did a long while ago. I never used the colored lights along the side and I was never satisfied with the amount of light from the main white LEDs. Sometimes they’d be too bright for something I was watching. I decided to use one of my Attiny85 Breakout boards to have a potentiometer dim the white lights. I removed all of the other lights.
IMG_0708The controller went from this…IMG_20140811_141736…to this. The positioning is a little clumsy at the moment but it’s still smaller than the original board. I soldered the 10K potentiometer to a small piece of perfboard which has wires that connect it to the breakout board (soldered). I wish I had a larger knob potentiometer because it’s a little difficult to turn this one without a screwdriver. It works well enough for me so it’s not a big deal. It took just a couple of minutes to program and get it connected to the existing lights. It’s nice to know that the first PCB working wasn’t just a fluke.IMG_20140811_131146In other news, I was going to make a fume extractor but the carbon filter I ordered on Amazon has mysteriously gone out of stock even though it originally said I ordered the last one. Oh well, the fan by itself is good enough for getting the smoke out of my face. I removed the original wires and connector and soldered a 9v power supply directly to it. What I didn’t think of was that the large 9v power supply has a large wart that covers the remaining plugs on my power bar so I don’t have anywhere to plug in the iron… so the fan is powered by a plug across the room. I guess that’s a perk of having the smallest room in the house.

I have some exciting plans coming up but I’m still working on a few things before I share. Thanks for visiting!