Arduino Light Show #7 Debut: “Make A Wish”

My PHP script on the Light Show website ended up releasing the shows a day early so I figured why not… I’m proud to present the newest version of the Arduino Light Show Project with this┬áholiday special! Enjoy!

A detailed build overview is coming up soon. Stay tuned!



Frank’s shaving

Just thought I’d quickly mention… The PLC elevator simulation has been stressing me out. I’ve had to redo portions of the code over and over and it’s just bleh right now. I’m rusty with my ladder logic so I’ve been sidetracking myself with Frank and Cities in Motion 2. Anyways…

Watching Adafruit’s Ask an Engineer streams every week (well, I only started watching them a couple weeks ago) always get me in the building mood. I figure it was a good time to give Frank a little love because I always feel awkward just sitting there watching an hour long stream.

Most of the clean up was just cutting down wires and replacing some of the tape. Some additional tape on the undercarriage components have done him well. The speaker was almost always hanging off but now it’s much more secure. I replaced a lot of the prototyping jumper wires with my own cut wire. It still looks like a mess, and probably always will given his small size, but it’s better than before.

Personal touches are what make Frank so lovable! Frank was involved in a nasty collision with a door, and it wasn’t pretty. He almost lost his original smile because of the rough shape of his head, but I kept that layer of the cardboard and reinforced it with new pieces behind it. Frank is also proud to be Canadian.


There were a few other things I wanted to clean up but would require a soldering iron, and I don’t have one that I really want to use… I have two cheap irons that don’t have power adjustment or even a proper stand so…

The next thing to do is to work on the code. There are a couple of things I want to do to make Frank a little more smarter and efficient, along with adding some extra songs to his repertoire.

Thanks for reading!