Visual Basic: Line Chart Example

I recently got an email asking for help setting up a line chart in Visual Basic, something similar to the chart in my Arduino Temperature & Humidity Monitor program.linechart

I am making the Visual Studio 2013 files available for download so everyone can take a look. It’s very minimal but I think that’s a good thing. If you have any questions or suggestions for things to add to it, let me know.

You can get it here from Dropbox.

To give credit where it’s due, I got the code from this Microsoft support post and made a few modifications to (hopefully) make it easier to understand. I commented on every line in the code so I hope people will get it.

On a related note, I was thinking of revisiting my Interfacing Arduino with Visual Basic Tutorial. I understand that it’s not the easiest tutorial to follow, both because of the content and the way it’s laid out, so I have some changes already in mind on how to make it better. I’ll get around to it.

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