DirtyPCBs Service Summary

I just received my 1st PCBs ever in the mail today. I thought I’d give a summary of how things went with DirtyPCBs since I myself was searching a lot to see what others had to say. I haven’t seen any negative reviews, and this won’t be one either. Definitely check them out.

The Gerber files were submitted on July 12 and sent to the board house on July 14 to get manufactured. On July 21, they were put in the mail. They arrived here in Toronto today, August 5. That means 9 days to complete manufacturing and 15 days to ship, so a total of 24 days (Sat. and Sun. included). That’s not bad at all considering I’ve ordered stuff on eBay from China that took longer than a full month. Also note that there was no mail service yesterday for a holiday so potentially it could have been  one day less.
1Here’s the package. The sticky notes are covering my personal info.2The boards were shrink wrapped in plastic with bubbles on one side, and then wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap.3It also came with a couple of stickers.

I bought the “protopack” which is +/-10 5x5cm boards for $14USD. I’ve read about people getting one or two extra but I got exactly 10 which is obviously fine. According to them, their biggest complaint is the silkscreen but it looks perfectly fine on my boards. Have a look.