Spring cleaning + The Box update

I’m ready to put in an order next week at Dipmicro. I decided to do some cleaning through my storage areas so that things don’t look even messier when more components arrive.IMG_0842It started with just my box of LEDs, then I decided to just go through everything.IMG_0843Over time, I’ve just been dumping things into the drawers without looking so I just wanted to make it look a little neater. Before you wonder, the Cheerios box is scrap cardboard…
IMG_0844This is one of those things I want to keep holding on to for some reason. It’s a burnt out resistor (still works but I’m not going to use it) from one of my labs in school. There was an instruction in the lab that told us to drop the voltage from ~30v to 5v but it seemed like a bunch of us missed it, causing a nice puff of smoke.IMG_0845This was my organizer through college. I took out the scrap LEDs and jumper wires, and all of my capacitors.IMG_0846I organized my capacitors into small bags and now have them with my resistors.. I don’t have the space, money, or practical reasoning to get one of those things with like 100 drawers in them that sit on people’s workbenches so this setup will do for now.

As for The Box project I showed off in the last post, there are a few minor notes on what’s next. I want to get a potentiometer for the LCD backlight but I won’t have that until sometime next week. In the meantime, I’ve just been watching out for bugs. The ones that have come up are mostly just formatting issues with the clock. I’ve had it running all day and noticed the regulator was getting a little hot, as expected, so I screwed on a heatsink. The enclosure will be cardboard again since I can’t afford a plastic one.

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