Interfacing Arduino with Visual Basic

I wrote a tutorial on how to interface a Visual Basic program with Arduino. It includes downloads you can open in Visual Studio and the Arduino IDE. The executable is also available if you just want to play with the example program. The example program lets you send a pin number and delay value so that an LED on the selected pin will blink with a delay that is determined by the value you send it. It also receives a success/error flag from the Arduino.

Check out the two Arduino project videos I posted that uses serial communication with a Visual Basic program:


Temperature and Humidity Monitor: Update 1.1.2

Yesterday, I posted about doing over the soldering for the DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor. In the post, I mentioned that the temperature scale appeared to top out at 30ÂșC. I’m not sure what went wrong, but when I went to fix it, it wasn’t an issue. While I was in Visual Studio, I did a little tinkering and added something new.

new1I removed the status bar that showed the current time and the timer telling you how long the historic values were true. I removed the current time because it was a waste of space, and I removed the historic value timer because it didn’t make a lot of sense with the new pause button. When you click the pause button, it stops requesting data from the Arduino until you click it again.new2The full log also gets a note mentioning the pause if you do decide to pause the logging.

The last minor change was adding a link to the Device Manager how-to window in the manual connection screen. You can get the download on the Temperature & Humidity Monitor project page.