See you later, Active Surplus.

Active Surplus is one of those stores that you could spend so much time in just to browse. They have a stock of electronics gadgets and parts, as well as an assortment of just… things. Recently, they announced that both their Steeles and Queen stores would be closing. They’ve been around for decades so it’s a tragic announcement for those who visited for all these years.


For me, I only discovered the store a couple of years ago and have only visited the Queen location a handful of times and the Steeles one once. Each time, I wandered around in awe of all of these neat parts, while reading all of the quirky product labels. I never actually purchased anything from Active Surplus since I was strapped for cash those times I visited (ie. unemployed) and didn’t want to end up with random things I wouldn’t use. I was planning to go today but I scrapped those plans because I didn’t have the energy to take the trip downtown, and because I’m trying to get rolling on a couple of projects, in between playing Cities Skylines…

Anyways, it sucks to see them go. From what I gather, I take it that they will reappear again in the future so there’s still hope. In the mean time, I have Sayal, a chain electronics store in the Greater Toronto Area. There’s also the online stores like Dipmicro and Chinese eBay sellers.

Do you have any cool stores in your area like Active Surplus? Share in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some upcoming projects!