Here are some of my favourite links:


Automation Direct – They have their own line of affordable programmable logic controllers. I bought everything from them to build my Programmable Logic Controller Trainer Panel. They’re based in the USA and have a great variety of automation parts.

Dipmicro – They’re based in the Niagara Falls area on both sides of the border. They’ve got a good variety of components. I like them a lot because their prices are very reasonable, including their shipping rates.

Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards – An inexpensive PCB manufacturer.

Robot Shop – This site caters mostly to the mobile robotics crowd so I don’t buy from them very often. What I have purchased from them so far has been of good quality, which is something that can vary at times from cheap sources. Shipping is fast.

Sayal Electronics – This is the only physical electronics store I regularly go to. Their prices aren’t really cheap but they’ve got a great inventory of electronic components and other items I’d rather buy in person, like solder and flux. It’s great to go there if I feel the need to get a part quickly or even just walk around to get ideas.

Tutorials and Reference

Adafruit – The Adafruit Learning System never stops growing. Lots of information and tutorials to be found!

Instructables – I have used articles on Instructables to get inspired and started on some projects. It’s great to see how other people go about making things!

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi!
    I am planning on doing something similar to your “Fountain Experiment” in our front yard pond. It won’t have music to it, but will have the variable water height and the lights. What pumps did you use to get started?
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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