Website update! (It’s mostly all back!)

The downtime on all of my sites is pretty much over. While putting things back up, I found a few things I’d like to address. But with most of the sites back online, I think it’s an appropriate time to share the news.

  • The main website is back up.
  • Smaller external project websites linked from the Projects page are up. I have some additional websites that I didn’t list for whatever reason. They’ll be added soon.
  • My online Photo Gallery is back up at
  • The blog is back up. Something new is the CoasterCircuits blog now appears separate from MWHProjects, meaning that it isn’t just a redirect to as it was before.
  • I’ve also moved my Canada’s Wonderland Source website to CoasterCircuits that I plan to continue working on through the off-season.

Thanks for your patience if you were looking for something while the sites were down.



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