Project Updates – August 13 2016

20160723_122152I’ve been thinking about the next little while and where I want to dedicate my time to. I did have some time to get some work done on the next Arduino Fountain Show, but it hasn’t been touched for weeks now. I completed a few minor projects but the big ones are always on my mind. To get myself organized, I thought I’d write a post to work things out.


At the beginning of August, I launched the blog, a blog about Canada’s Wonderland and other amusement parks. Along with it, I made a few improvements at my main website, It’s been a fun process and I hope to continue with the blog at least through to the end of the season in October. I’ll see where things leave me then in terms of motivation and inspiration to write during the off-season.

The next Arduino Fountain Light Show

You know the stuff you saw in my last post about the show? Well, it’s just been sitting there since. I’ve gone back to the drawing board and have figured out a few things I want to try. However, as I will get to shortly, I have another big project in mind. After some thinking, I’ve decided to effectively put this show on hold. The workbench where everything is will be cleared off as I will need it for what’s coming next.

So what’s the other project?

SkySeeker? WindHawk? Two rides that I enjoy at Canada’s Wonderland are Windseeker and SkyHawk. They’re both tower rides that spin riders around but they’re built quite differently. Basically what I’d like to do is to make a miniature model of a hybrid of both. I’ve already started sketching out details that I hope to continue to develop and improve well enough to share on the blog soon. I’m also trying to source parts and figure out what kind of materials would work best, be cost-efficient, and be the easiest to handle with the tools and space I have at home.

Since this project is taking the spotlight from the Arduino Light Show Project… well, actually, in reality, it’s not. 😉 Again, more details on this soon.

Thanks for visiting!

I hope I can start being more consistent with my posts on the blog. Thanks a ton for reading. Happy making! 🙂

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