My Goth Spool Holder

With some spare pieces of 2×4 after the sawhorse build, I started thinking of a small project I could do to use them up. After some quick brainstorming, I decided to build a spool holder for my spools of wire and solder. The idea was to have a base with two side pieces holding up a dowel which the spools would be placed on.


The pieces were fairly short so I glued two of them together to form a decent sized base so that the holder would be able to fit more than one spool.


While the base was drying, I got to work on the side pieces. I drilled a 3/8″ hole through both sides which the dowel would pass through.


Things started to come together once the base and sides were ready. All that was left was to figure out a way to be able to take it apart so that I could replace a spool once it’s empty. The idea I came up with was to have one fixed side while the other would be able to pulled out with the dowel attached to it.


I needed a good way to lock the detachable piece into the spool holder. I decided the best way was to have short pieces of dowel lock the side piece to the base. To do that, I drilled more 3/8″ holes through the base and a short way up into the bottom of the side piece.


For some reason, I thought painting it all black except for the dowel would look cool but it wasn’t how I imagined it. The Goth Spool Holder name for it sort of stuck in my head after this…


Here it is in its place on my soldering work station.


It came together quite well. I’m especially happy that the spool of solder rolls smoothly enough even with its weight and how tight the four spools fit on the holder.

Thanks for reading!


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