I saw a sawhorse


Ok, so I’m too impatient to take progress photos. I gotta work on that.

I was looking around on the internet for simple saw horse designs and this is the one that showed up the most often. Basically, you make an I-beam out of 2×4’s and that figures out the angles automatically. I decided to make all pieces of the sawhorse 30 inches, instead of the slightly longer beam that other plans had. After some hacking away with my handsaw, they were complete.


I used a mitre box screwed onto the first saw horse to do the cuts for the second one which gave me much more even cuts. The cuts all around are still rather rough and don’t measure perfectly so the horses have a wobble to them. Nevertheless, they can support my weight when I sit on top of them and are stable enough for my needs.


With a piece of plywood, I have a very good sized work table that can be stored away relatively easily when I’m not working on anything.


The first project on my new work table was to fix a broken wheel on the vaccuum cleaner.

There are a couple more wood projects coming up and then I’ll be going back to a new light show. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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