No more floor boards!

That is, no more boxes of circuit boards laying all over the floor!

I visited Dollarama today and picked up a couple of 3-drawer organizers. They are stackable so I now had 6 drawers to stick all of my circuit boards in.20150906_140626

Even better, I put a piece of cardboard across each drawer to divide each one so I now have 12 compartments to work with. The new set of drawers fit in well with my other Dollarama organizers to the left.


Once I fitted all of the drawers with cardboard dividers and labels, I put a piece of tape down both sides of the drawer to keep them together. I found that they don’t snap together quite as snug as I would have liked. With the drawers in place, I put beads of hot glue to glue them down. Normally I’d tie the drawers down with a string (because I think that sort of thing looks kind of neat) but I don’t expect to move these drawers around and I think that this solution would be the best.


This is what that area looks like now. I’d like to keep building up the drawers since they’re relatively cheap ($3) and I could always use more compartments to store things.

Time to throw out my old organizing boxes… 🙂


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