Maybe I just need to market better


My ATmega328p Breakout Board was featured in a Tindie email newsletter. As soon as that email went out, orders started coming in, including one that picked up all 30 assembled boards that were in stock at the time. It sold out in just 24 hours and I’m currently in the process of restocking it. At the time of this post, the PCBs are being manufactured and half of the components are on their way. I’m planning on assembling the majority, if not all, of the boards before they’re put back in stock. I’d estimate them being back in stock within the first couple of weeks in April.

My other products on Tindie haven’t had as much interest. In addition to more Atmega328p PCBs, I also threw in a simple LED bar PCB that is specifically designed to work with the shift register boards. There are 16 individual SMD LEDs in a row. They’re all numbered so it would be a great tool for debugging and as system indicators in your project. I hope that bringing three of my products together (shift register board + LED bar + Attiny85 Programmer & Breakout) will spark some more interest in all of them.


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