A quick Saturday programming project: VB Converter

After the attention my Tindie store had recently, I ran out of envelopes. I was thinking of ordering a bulk of envelopes and supplies from Uline in the hopeful case that my store continues on. The Uline site uses inches which I don’t use often because I’m Canadian. I found that having tabs open to convert the length and widths of different products was getting too cumbersome so I decided to write up a quick program in Visual Studio. It turned out to be a whole Saturday of overthinking it. It happens every time I program in VS…
screenshotIt originally started with just the small conversion window but since I was converting two values at a time (lengths and widths of envelopes), I wanted a way to save those conversions so I could see both values at the same time and compare between different sizes. That’s where the History & Saved window came from. It uses My.Settings to save a few things, including up to 6 conversions.

It currently does conversions between inches and centimetres, and mils and millimeters (I use millimeters in Eagle). That’s all I really need right now. It shouldn’t be too hard to add more conversions later on if it’s ever necessary.

Check it out on GitHub if you’re interested in trying it out!


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