The beginnings of something new

The dust is settling after all of the fun I had with the ESP8266 project. It’s time to move onto something else I’m new to. Remember those RF transmitter and receiver pairs I got a little while ago? I’ve been thinking up ideas on what to use them for, and I think I’m settled on one idea.

IMG_0004I set up the receiver with an LCD to display messages while I play around the RF pairs. My AMS1117 and ATmega328p boards came to the rescue once again. I only have one Arduino Uno, and a Mega that’s still attached to the Light Show. I haven’t jumped on the Arduino Nano wagon yet since I have my own boards. IMG_0003On the transmitter side, I set up four push buttons to select one of four commands to send to the receiver. IMG_0002Here is the transmitter setup, which was moved over to AMS1117 and ATmega328p boards after taking these pictures. In this picture, I’m pressing the second button… IMG_0001… which sends the string “down” to the receiver.

Figured it out?

A remote controlled robot!

Since I’m using ATmega328p’s for both the transmitter and receiver, I have plenty of pins to work with. I don’t want to set anything in stone just yet, but you can bet that LCD will be part of it (even though it’s not the color I wanted… lousy eBay seller’s idea of blue). I need to work on some actual written plans before I start constructing anything so stay tuned for when that happens.

Thanks for reading!


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