ESP8266 Rolling Back


After some thought, I have decided to roll back the ESP8266 project to a previous version that only sends data to Thing Speak. The features of emailing and inserting data into a MySQL database have been dropped.

One of the reasons is that this project will eventually be taken completely offline, so gradually taking it down before I decide what I want to do next seems like a decent plan to me. This project was a great way to get started with the ESP8266 as I’ve learned a lot about how to use it. Since I got it online, I’ve come across more projects that I’d love to give a shot myself but I only have one ESP8266, so this project will need to be sacrificed if I want to play with the module. The hardware will stay as is whenever that happens so I can always stick the ESP8266 back in and have it work immediately again.

The other reason is that I’m planning on ditching my webhost. They’re free and they’ve served me well… but I can’t help but be worried about security and uptime. My same concerns go for any other free, or impracticably cheap, webhosts out there, and I can’t afford paid webhosting right now. Some changes are coming to my websites and blog so stay tuned!

Thanks for following this project! You can keep following the live data at ThingSpeak, and you can always get the different versions of code on GitHub.


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