Information everywhere

Not only is the information from my ESP8266 project on the internet, but it’s now also displayed locally at the sensor station. I’ve added the LCD that I recovered from a previous project.

IMG_0001I’ve completed a few projects that had enclosures, but they were always make-shift like cardboard boxes or plastic food containers. I’m considering getting a solid plastic enclosure, but my biggest problem is not having any tools to cut into it. It will probably be cardboard again…
IMG_0003The first line of the LCD displays the temperature, humidity, and brightness. It changes between the three values every five seconds. The bottom line counts down to when the data will be send through the ESP8266 module to Thing Speak. I’d set it to send every 120 seconds, or two minutes.

There’s just a few more things left to do with this project:

1. Migrate everything over to my AMS1117 voltage regulator and ATmega328p boards.

2. Get a power supply.

3. Find and stuff everything into an enclosure.

I probably won’t be sending any data to Thing Speak until I complete this list so apologies for that.

You can get the code for this project on GitHub.

Thanks for reading!


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