My 2015 Maker Resolutions

In my previous post, I went through my Top 5 Maker Moments of 2014. In this post, I’m looking forward to 2015 and some of the things I hope to get into.

More Eagle


I haven’t touched Eagle in a while since things got shifted to the Light Show. After using my shift register breakout board, I’m inspired to get back to Eagle to improve the design, which will hopefully lead to me working on other Eagle projects too. If you remember when I got the shift register boards in, I realized that I missed a connection so I had to add a jumper wire. There are other things I want to change in the board so I’m pretty eager to get back into it.

Bigger and Better Lights


I want to keep the Light Show Project moving along in 2015. I’ve reached a milestone with the fountains, which I briefly talked about in the recap post. I’m not quite sure what direction to take the show now but I’m certainly thinking bigger. We’ll see what happens, though the Light Show isn’t really a priority with the other fun stuff on this list.

Improve the “Workshop”


My “workbench” is my computer desk that I’ve clearly outgrown. My soldering station is on top of a plastic rolling shelf. My parts shelf is everything crammed into a hand-me-down plastic drawer. I want work with my space to make it a little less crappy, for lack of a better word. I’ve already begun working on it so stay tuned for an update soon.


3D Printing


Before attending Maker Faire this year, the only 3D printer I ever saw in person was the first generation of the “Cube” 3D printer. I can’t afford a 3D printer right now so my next best bet is signing up for a workshop to at least learn to print something in hopes that the day of owning a 3D printer comes sooner than later.

Get on the Internet [of Things]

I kind of want to do The Box project all over again, except get it online this time. I’ve done some light research into adding wifi to Arduino and found that a cheap solution is the ESP8266 module. There are tutorials for simple projects that use the module so there’s not much stopping me from getting started. I know there are other wifi modules coming out now so I wouldn’t mind getting started with the cheaper alternative and possibly migrate over to a newer module later on if I find this project to be interesting and practical enough.

Happy new year!

Is there any gadget or skill you’re looking to explore in 2015? Share it in the comments!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a happy new year!


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