Light Show 7 Journal Entry #10: Reflection

I’m currently working on a couple of year-end posts that will be published after the new Light Show debuts. The posts contain a lot of reflection on what has gone on in the past year, and one of those things is how much the Light Show project has grown. I thought it would be interesting to pull out the holiday Light Shows I did last year so that the growth of the show will be more obvious when the new one is released in the coming days (December 23rd!).

I remember being so exhausted from trying to find a song and programming to it that I rushed through and ended up with that… and then I ended up using a certain other song:

I’m always anxious to hear the feedback once a show is released. I’ve been surprised in the past, both pleasantly and unfortunately, with certain show releases. I hope the new show will fall under pleasant.

Come back to watch the new Light Show on December 23rd!


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