Light Show 7 Journal Entry #9: Decisions.

We’re less than a week away from the new Light Show. I’ve been on the fence about a few decisions but things are coming together.IMG_0524I was trying to debut the new version of the Light Show with more than one show but it’s not going to happen. The fountains are still a big headache trying to get under control so I didn’t have time to mix together a soundtrack and get to programming. The good news is I have a new show programmed. It’s a holiday themed show that I said I’d be satisfied with if that is the only thing I manage to complete. I am satisfied. Sort of.

Like I said, the fountains are difficult to manage sometimes. As the programming day moves along, the fountains start losing pressure because of the makeshift nozzles. They also shift and start pointing in weird directions, sometimes affecting the flow of other fountains. It took several shoots to get a video where the performance goes on well, and even then there are still flaws. I try not to let it bug me. I’m just happy I have something done in time for the holidays.

IMG_20141215_204549After I got it recorded, I decided to try a new design of the nozzles. Before, I would just squeeze the nozzles and tape them so that they’re slightly smaller. They were able to bring up the level of the fountains to a decent height but they weren’t reliable or consistent. For this design, I cut the straw down the middle, then taped them so that the opening is smaller.
IMG_0661The fountain streams are much more consistent and are able to go higher, but there are drawbacks that make it appear even worse than the original. I can’t really make the fountains go to their full potential for too long because the water ends up falling outside of the basin (though they perform best when that happens…) and the LED color doesn’t transfer all the way up the stream. The faded colors with the new nozzles really makes some of the sequences lose their effect.

On release day (December 23), there will be three videos: The version with the original nozzles, the same version from an alternate view, and the second version with the new nozzles and minor tweaks to the performance. Each video has its pros and cons so I’m not really sure which one to label as the “main” video. The idea was to have a main video and then the other two labeled as extras. I still have some time to figure that out though.

Thanks for reading! I don’t expect to post any more updates. Come back on December 23rd for the debut and some pictures!


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