Ch-ch-changes! (New domain name!)

For the first time in many years, I bought myself a new domain name! My website is now at As a result, my main website has changed from MWH-Electronics to MWH Projects. In addition, all of the subdomains now use the new domain name. The previous domain name will continue to work for a limited time.

I made the decision to do this now so that I can point people to the new domain name when the new Light Show comes out next Tuesday (December 23). The Light Show website is now located at

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and websites!

Update (Dec 15 – 6:50pm): and all of the other websites are back online. This additional work allows me to take more power over the domain name so that I can use it in email addresses and subdomains. Please send me a note if anything isn’t working properly. Thanks!

Update (Dec 15 – 4:25pm): and all of the minisites are currently down. I had parked the domain earlier but I want to do it right so I’m moving everything over to a new account. It will take a while for the nameservers to change. Also, I went through all of the old posts here on the blog and changed the URLs from the old site to the new one. I hope to force this transition immediately so I can get rid of the .tk domain name early in the new year. Thanks!


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