Light Show 7 Journal Entry #8: Guests in the front row will get wet!

I did some testing with the fountains… I’ll spare you the pictures of my flooded floor.
IMG_0501The nozzles have always been a huge problem with this project. The pumps do not have enough pressure to get a good height with its original opening size. I squeeze the nozzles, which are just plastic drinking straws, to make the opening smaller, then I add tape around it to keep it that way. It is very unpredictable, but it’s the only method I’ve come up with so far. If I ever get into 3D printing, this will be one of the first things I try.

Anyways, this second go at the fountains seems to be going somewhat better. From what I can tell, I’m getting about the same height or slightly even higher. I can only go as high as the weakest fountain, and I also want to limit the amount of splashing going on.

Something I tried this time was to add “braces” to the fountains. I’m using solid core wire again, attaching the edge of the basin to each nozzle. Their purpose is to try and center the fountains. They can’t be completely straight up in the air because the pump starts to struggle so they’re slightly aimed toward the back. At least, that’s the goal anyway.IMG_0502I try to calibrate the fountains to find what value of analogWrite for each fountain will give me a uniform maximum height. With the nozzle situation, it doesn’t stay¬†consistent so I’m constantly adjusting them. The analogWrite values are attached to variables so it’s simple enough to modify. I’ve been doing that since the first show.

I’m not really sure what to show you in the next update. I’ll tell you now that all elements of the build are complete. There are certain things that I would like to keep secret for now because you’ll be able to figure out certain sequences I’m planning for the show. We’ll see! Thanks for reading!


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