Light Show 7 Journal Entry #7: Prepping the fountains

IMG_0492Remember these guys? They’ve been sitting around since the first fountain show with the tape and nozzles removed. Everything was still connected to the Mega so it was just a matter of taping everything back into place. I did try some new methods in setting certain things up which, hopefully, leads to a better build this time.

I bought some new straws for the nozzles. These straws were a perfect fit for the inner diameter of the pump outputs. They’re still too big to get enough pressure so I’ll have to adjust them again in the testing phase.IMG_0493The wires were in good shape with the exception of a few wires that were too long. It was just a matter of trimming some down. It’s not as messy as it was before.
IMG_0496This time, instead of taping each LED to the actual nozzle, I attached the LEDs to a piece of solid core wire that spans the length of the basin. I used wire because it wouldn’t be affected by the water and would be rigid enough to stay in place.

That’s it for the fountains being set back into place. In the next post, you’ll get to see the fountains in action again. Stay tuned!


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