I found a bug!

IMG_0415I needed some shrink tube for the Light Show and I’m running low on solid core wire so I bought both this past Monday from RobotShop. I don’t normally buy from them unless I need a servo motor or some other Arduino peripheral ASAP. Since my deadline for the Light Show is coming up very quickly, I needed the shrink tube in hand so it’s there when I need it. I could always go to Sayal (big box electronics parts store) but transit fares is about the same as the shipping fee, and this bulk of shrink tube is a couple cents cheaper per foot so I went for it.

Anyways, being Cyber Monday when I ordered it, they threw in a Hexbug.IMG_0416It’s basically the consumer version of those toothbrush bots you attach a vibrator to. It’s more powerful than I was expecting.IMG_0418I’m not sure if I’d ever have a use for a vibrator motor in a project but I’d love to repurpose this thing eventually in a project.

That’s it for this package. I’m working on a Light Show update that should be out in the coming days so stay tuned!


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