Backdrop Test, Take 1

I’ve been planning out the stage for the fountain show. I hope to have something ready by December so I can do both a music compilation show as well as a holiday special for the end of the year. Some minor alterations will happen between those two shows. Since I tend to lose interest after the first show, I want to put together a really good stage since I only expect to get one or two shows out of it.

I did some testing on one idea I had for the backdrop of the show. You should expect to see something like the first fountain show but with a backdrop and additional effects.IMG_20141007_113542When I did a quick project using my AMS1117 board, one of the wires broke so I decided to fix it up. I used the voltage regulator board for this experiment. I had to remove the headers soldered on and replace them with wires going directly to the battery holder. I put some shrink tube on the exposed connections since they’d be touching without it. It’s nice to see that it still works even though I had my soldering iron on the board for a long while trying to get the headers off.

IMG_20141007_140609Anyways, this is a prototype section of an idea I had for the backdrop. It’s kind of like an “accordion” shape made out of cardboard that has one white side that’s perfect to light up with LEDs. The main purposes of this test was to see how the backdrop would look, and to decide if I should use clear lens or diffused RGB LEDs.

The issue I have with this backdrop is that it seems like I’d be forced to pair LEDs with another on the top since the light from the LEDs don’t go that far up the backdrop. The thing is, I was planning to make the backdrop even taller since it would be a bit short to go with the fountains. There may end up being a dark zone in the middle of the backdrop if it’s too tall.

IMG_20141007_140446Now regarding the RGB LED type, I’m set on using diffused LEDs for the backdrop which is pictured in this image. The clear lens type works well with the fountains since the water acts as the diffuser, and these LEDs also serve well as spotlights (even though the light from each color don’t point at the same place). Since they make for great spotlights, they tend to make shapes in the light which is not ideal for the backdrop. I could put something over them to diffuse the light but I might as well just use the diffused LEDs. I’ll have to order more, though I need to finalize the backdrop. I have a couple more ideas for a backdrop so I hope to have some more prototypes to share soon to help me make up my mind.

Stay tuned…



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