Manufacturing Session

There’s something satisfying assembling a PCB, even more when you assemble and end up with multiples of the same design. I received the last parts to assemble the remaining 5 Attiny85 Programmer/Breakout PCBs.

IMG_20140908_150710While waiting for the parts to arrive, I bagged each board with its components and headers. The headers are not part of the assembly in case you wanted to solder wires directly to the board. Soldering on the other parts was simple enough.

Once the boards were complete, I did a simple programming test with each one. They were all able to upload and run the blink sketch.

IMG_20140908_150658In other news, I decided not to assemble the shift register boards. If people are interested in them, I’d just cut my losses with this version and get the new one manufactured, though it wouldn’t really be a complete loss since I can always find a project for them in the future.

So that’s it for now. Another blog milestone is coming up next… See you then!


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