Shift Register Breakout – Rev B!

1In recent posts, I showed off my 74HC595 shift register breakout board in action. There is one major problem with it, as well a few things I observed that could be improved. They’re all included in Revision B of the board.

The major issue was that the Data In pad wasn’t connected to anything. It wasn’t an issue in the design file but it was somehow left out when I combined the Attiny85 Programmer/Breakout with the Shift Register Board to fit on the 5x5cm area to get manufactured. So there wasn’t anything to fix in the design, but it’s a lesson to double-check and triple-check the board layout before sending it off to get made.

One thing I learned since I designed this board was making ground planes, so now Rev B has ground planes on the top and bottom. The board functions without them, but since these are kind of dirt cheap (much like the manufacturer), it doesn’t include any capacitors so I suppose ground planes may help in that aspect. Another thing I learned from using my PCBs is how hard it is to solder individual headers or even a pair to the PCB. With that, I’ve combined all of the inputs and outputs to 5×1 headers. The shift register outputs at the bottom are also combined for 16×1.

That’s it for this board, for now anyway. Stay tuned for other projects and check out my eBay store!


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