I’m not sure why it took me this long, but I finally tested my Attiny85 Breakout with my 74HC595 Shift Register Breakout.

IMG_20140903_235658I’ve only designed four PCBs so far, two of which are in the mail right now. These designs are circuits that I’ve used before so I’m somewhat familiar with them, except for the upcoming AMS1117 voltage regulator board. Anyways, I make these designs because I’m familiar with them but also because they can all work together. The AMS1117 will eventually be able to regulate power for the other three designs. You can swap between the Attiny85 breakout and the other upcoming board, the Atmega328p breakout, depending on which microcontroller is better for the project. Then the shift register board can be tacked on to the microcontroller boards to expand the digital outputs of them.

Anyways, I thought I’d talk about that just because I’m so excited to see these two boards work together. Here’s a short video of the test:

You may see the Arduino Uno in the background. It’s only supplying power.

Thanks for reading!


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