Shift Register Troubleshooting & Solution

I finally sat down to seriously take a look at why my shift register boards weren’t working. It took me all of 2 minutes with my multimeter to figure out what the problem was. It’s actually embarrassing: The Data In pad on the board isn’t connected to anything. I checked the schematic again and sure enough there’s the lone pad in the lower left corner. Somehow, when combining the Attiny85 programmer/breakout board with this one to fit on the 5x5cm board, the trace must have been left out as the original design file has it.

IMG_20140830_212105The fix is really simple once headers are in place. I just need to attach a jumper wire from the Data In header to pin 14 of the left shift register.IMG_20140830_212034

That was the only problem with it! I set up a test and it worked as it should. Here’s a video of my sample program:

I ordered some more shift registers, as well as some sockets and diodes. I’m prepared to assemble a mass of boards.


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