Before the curtain rose

Yesterday, I posted the first show of my new Arduino Fountain Show (Arduino Light Show 6). I wanted to give a better look at the day and provide some notes on the progress.IMG_2976This was my programming station which only yesterday got the table. I’ve been kneeling and lying down in awkward positions before then. Originally, this was actually looking at the stage from behind but I realized that the fountains looked pretty good from here so I programmed and filmed the stage from this side.

I’ve probably mentioned it once before in a random Linux post on here but I will say that the quick Arduino upload speed really helped shorten the programming process (though the mistyping on the small keyboard kind of goes against that). On Windows, it takes about 5 seconds to upload. On this netbook running Linux Mint, it’s just one or two seconds. It adds up when you’re uploading constantly to adjust the code.

Anyways, before setting up like this, I had the stage on a table where I taped up the LEDs to the nozzles that I prepared a couple days ago.

IMG_2972I did some testing to make sure the LEDs and then to set up my template. The template defines and declares variables and constants that make it easier to work with the fountain and LED I want without using cryptic pin numbers everywhere. In this picture, each fountain is set at its “min” value. The pumps are connected to PWM outputs and, since each pump performs differently, all of the values are different to get the same height. This is an example of something I’d want to have constants recorded to a variable for easy use.
IMG_2997The  fountains and LEDs were performing well until I got into the last hour of programming where the middle fountain started to fail. It seemed to do well whenever it was set to the maximum height but struggled at any other height. I’ll have to take a closer look at the nozzle soon. Still, I’m almost surprised things turned out the way it did. I’m satisfied with it. I had a secret feature I wanted to include but I was too much in a hurry to get a show done [before I broke something]. I hope to implement it in time for the next show.

Here’s a video of some of the testing before I began programming the first show:

Thanks for reading!


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