Gearing up for a good Friday

I spent today preparing the LEDs for installation tomorrow. It should be a great Friday if everything works out.
IMG_20140821_130856The process was soldering resistors to three of the four legs of each LED, soldering them to long pieces of the stranded core wire, soldering short pieces of solid core to the ends, and then heatshrinking and taping everything.IMG_20140821_133601The heat shrink and tape combination seems to be a decent way to waterproof my connections. If you’ll notice at the bottom right of the picture where the ends of the wires are, there are pieces of a yellow paperclip taped to some of them. That indicates the common anode leg of the LEDs.

These LEDs will be going in tomorrow. I’ll do some testing and hopefully I can get to programming my first show. I already have a short song lined up.

Thanks for reading!


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