Just add color!

I spent about four hours working on the fountain project today. Let me show you the progress!IMG_2926I set up the remaining pumps, which I’m happy about because I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit all five pumps and have them function properly. I set them up in a staggered formation.IMG_2928Once I got all five pumps up and running, I tried calibrating them all to the height of the weakest fountain. It’s still a decent height since anything higher makes too much of a mess anyway. Sometimes some of the pumps will perform differently the next time I power it up but it’s usually not too noticeable, and can be addressed in the code if it’s that severe.IMG_2938I’m done with trying to straighten up the streams as I feel like this is the best it’ll get. It was time to add some color! I tried with just one RGB LED on the center fountain. With the fountains close together and some of them shooting water at each other because of bad aim, the other fountains get lit up too.
IMG_2936I was too exhausted to start soldering more of the LEDs so I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’m a little anxious because I’m running low on shrink tube and I don’t have any more solid core wire. I do have an almost fresh roll of stranded wire so I should be able to solder up more LEDs, coupled with the scraps of solid core wire I have lying around so that they can be connected to the Arduino and breadboard. I guess I’ll have to go spend a couple of bucks for some shrink tube if I do run out.

To end this post, here’s some video of the fountains as it stands now:

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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