What 45 minutes gets you

Today has been one of those fast paced days but not a lot is getting done. I woke up late and had others things to do so I only allotted myself 45 minutes to experiment with the fountain project. I have a cut off time so there’s time for the floor to dry before the rest of my family comes home…

Anyways, I got some nicer results this time but I walk away a little more frightened. I’m still kind of committed to having a straight line of [close to] vertical fountains. Arched fountain streams are just going to make too much of a mess with the relatively small basin. I’ve come across the same issues today, as well as additional ones.

One of the issues continues to be the size of the pool, even with the new basin. It’s larger than the other ones I’ve used before and it seemed perfect, but it still feels too small even just working with the two pumps today. It worries me because there’s only compromise here. There’s no chance I’m going to get a larger one. I may end up scaling it down to three fountains.

Another recurring issue is the aim of the fountains. The straws are doing a decent job at getting a nice height but the aim of each jet is awful and it’s really tough to adjust them. It’ll just be a never ending struggle until I’m satisfied.

One new but minor issue is that I ran out of the electrical tape so I started using a roll that came in a kit I bought. It holds up worse in the water, though it still does hold. The worst part is that it gives off this kind of slime underwater. As the theme with most things I do here, I work with what I’ve got…


On the bright side, I haven’t come across any issues with the PWM control so I have no worries there. I soldered the driving transistors to a perfboard over the weekend. The pumps are not going to perform the same but I can calibrate them to in programming thanks to PWM.

To cap off this post, here’s a video at the end of today’s experimenting session:


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