Time for plan B.

The water fountain experiments have continued for another day. By the end of it, I’m leaning towards Plan B. We’ll get to those details in a moment.IMG_20140815_113846I found a shorter container so you get a better view of the fountains. It was clear it would be getting more messy so I relocated the experimenting to my basement near a drain.
IMG_20140815_125410I added the other four fountains to the container with the same kind of nozzles made out of a straw. The biggest issues were aim and dealing with the turbulent water which are kind of related. The aim could be controlled by adding material underneath the pump to tilt it. I tried tilting them so the water wouldn’t land near the intake of the pumps. As I talked about before, rough waters near the intake will mess with the flow. With five fountains going at once, it’s kind of a small disaster.IMG_20140815_130339I am not disappointed at all because I know there is potential for something here after what I saw today. However, my original plan of having a line of vertical water fountains doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out, at least with the materials I have present. (I have no budget for anything new.)

Here’s a short video of some of the testing:

Plan B is tilting the fountains so they make an arc of water which will hopefully allow me to ditch the straw nozzles. That may even things out a little better with less of a chance of some water streams being stronger than the others. We’ll see how that goes.

The final size of the project doesn’t really matter. The goal is some kind of water show. I want to be able to control each pump with the Arduino, which I’ve already got working fine so I can get to soldering the circuit on a perfboard eventually. What makes it an actual show is having LED lighting effects set to music, which isn’t very hard either with all of the practice I’ve had with the Light Show project. The biggest issue is setting up the pumps in a way that they look good and function reliably. I also have to do some experimenting with waterproofing the LEDs but I hope that won’t be too much trouble. Experimenting is fun!

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