Just add water!

With each Light Show version, I reach a point where I have no motivation to program a new show. After the usual flip flopping and throwing out songs, I’ve settled on concluding Light Show #5 and am moving on.

… And after more flip flopping, I’ve finally done this:

The Light Show project has been developing for years now and they’ve all been part of building up to this point. I felt like the time was right to get on to my main goal: A fountain show.

Now that I’ve made a move to start on a new show, the current Light Show stage will be coming down tomorrow.

Since water pumps are something new to me, I have a lot of concerns with these pumps. $30 doesn’t sound like a lot of money to many people but it is to me, so I’m really worried about it being a waste of money if it doesn’t work out at all. There will be lots of experimenting with them before I ever get to programming a show, if it even works out for that kind of thing. (I’d be satisfied with an “ambient” fountain display.) Stay tuned for that!


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