Mailbag: Stocking up for the future!

I put in an order last week at Dipmicro because they were having a sale. Some of the sale items were things that will be used on my second board design so I decided to pick them up now. Here’s what I got:IMG_20140806_155026The next board will be a voltage regulator that has two fixed output voltage levels: 5v and 3.3v. It will be using the AMS1117 voltage regulator. The board will also need a diode for reverse polarity protection on the input and some capacitors to filter the input and output voltages. I’ll have more on this PCB soon.

I also picked up a couple shift registers, an Attiny85, some male-female jumper wires, some right angle headers, some 100K potentiometers, and some small signal diodes. I like to stock up on these kinds of things, just in case…

IMG_20140806_211530~2They included a business card which is something new. They opened a physical store in Niagara Falls, Ontario not too long ago. Too bad I don’t live near there.


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