1st PCB assembled!

Earlier today, I received my first PCBs in the mail. I assembled one of the boards so I can finally see what they look like put together and to see if they work.IMG_20140805_165250~2The size of the boards are actually smaller than I envisioned them. I was worried about the text being too small and/or unreadable but even the smallest text on the board is perfectly fine.
IMG_20140805_203120The green LED is a power indicator. This is what it looks like connected to an Arduino Uno to program the Attiny85 microcontroller. It worked just fine after setting up the Uno for programming the Attiny85. Those extra steps are the reason I printed a URL on the board so I have a place to put the instructions if and when the boards end up in the hands of someone else.
IMG_20140805_203727I was incredibly happy to see that the breakout side also works.

Unfortunately, at this point, the 74HC595 shift register breakout doesn’t work. Some poking around causes weird effects. I’ll spend some time debugging it tomorrow. I really hope it’s just this board and not all the others too. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading! As always, stay tuned for more. I have more packages incoming for more fun!


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