Testing some 555’s

IMG_20140730_000849I’ve been going through some of my things, seeing if there’s anything I need as Dipmicro is currently having a sale. I saw I had some 555 timers which I’ve never used… sort of. The two 555’s I have are from the kit I had to buy before I started college. I was excited to get started before the first semester began so I attempted to wire a random circuit I found on the internet even though I had no idea what I was doing. Of course, the circuit never worked and I put the 555’s away. We never used them in any courses.

I decided to wire up a testing circuit. I simply Googled “555 timer test” and found a schematic for this. If you get flashing LEDs, the 555 is still alive. My two are still good. On the theme of components I don’t use often, I decided to go with these yellow LED’s for the test. I have yet to use any of them in any project. The photo does make it look like they would make good outdoor lights. They’re just a little lighter than a “warm white”.

So that’s just a random thing I did. From it, I realize I’ve been kind of “lazy” in that I always rely on microcontrollers all the time. I could probably use a 555 timer for the lighting I did for a shelf. I’ve always wanted to revisit that project because I think I’ve learned some new skills and techniques that would make it more efficient and free up the ATmega328 microcontroller and breadboard…


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