Eagle experiment: 5×5 LED matrix

My first Eagle project has been manufactured and is on its way to me from China! I want to keep experimenting in Eagle so I decided to do a 5×5 LED matrix. I don’t think I’d actually get these manufactured. This board would be great for a multiplexing programming tutorial though.

2It’s perfect for a programming tutorial because the only “safe” way to program this board is by energizing one LED at a time. My theory is that if you use persistence of vision, where you flash a group of LEDs individually in fast succession, you’d only be drawing the current of that one LED so you’d never go over the maximum current rating of an Arduino pin (40mA). I may add in transistors later on, but I kind of want to avoid it in case I do get these manufactured and possibly get it all wrong…3This is the schematic. Pretty basic.

Be sure to come back on Saturday for the 1st year birthday of this blog! Thanks for visiting!


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