Eagle PCB Update

Over the weekend, I finalized the design of my first PCB and sent it off to be made through dirtypcbs.com. The site does a render of your gerber files. Here is the top view:ec64a60ec95740b6910d5a389a8d128c-911_topAs you can tell, a lot has changed since the last time I talked about the design. I squashed the Attiny85 programmer and breakout board because I thought there was a lot of empty space. The bottom portion is a breakout for a couple of shift registers. It has input and output pads for the data and clock and all that, positioned in a way where it can be chained in a row. That’s the theory anyway. I’m waiting with the expectation that nothing works as I don’t want to get my hopes up too much with this being my first time using Eagle and getting PCBs manufactured. I still have a lot of questions, mostly about sizing and spacing, which I think I can get answers to even if the board doesn’t work.


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