Upgrading to Light Show 5.2

After the dust settled, I’m quite happy that I went through with this idea. The top bar of the light show is now made up of six RGB LEDs.
IMG_20140620_101534I ditched the old way I was going about it, trying to solder each LED together using wires. That was too frustrating so I found this piece of perfboard that was the perfect size for the bar. They’re all chained together in parallel so there are only four wires coming off of the bar. Hopefully that means less room for something to go wrong. With the solder underneath, it couldn’t sit flush to the original bar. If I sat it on top of the bar even with the solder, it was sitting too high for my liking. I ended up having it hang off of the end which still turned out great.IMG_20140620_121510At a certain angle, the LEDs flood the “ground” LED area with color which I really love. In the testing I found that, with the protruding board from the bar, it was hitting one of the “spotlight” LEDs when the spotlight was horizontal.IMG_20140620_122300The beauty about this perfboard is that it’s really easy to cut so I chipped bits off of that area until there was enough space to avoid the LED.

There are two things left to do before I start any real programming. I want to make the two support columns that are holding up the backdrop a little stronger. That probably just means more tape. The other thing I want to do is cover the perfboard with black tape or black paper if I can find some from my elementary school days.

Thanks for reading!


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