Change of plans, but still a plan!

The original plan for the new addition was an RGB LED matrix behind the backdrop. After considering how I would go about it and how it would look, I felt like it wasn’t worth the trouble. I didn’t think it would look good and that it would probably be something to consider in a refresh with a new stage built from the ground up.

The top bar was disassembled anyway so I decided to do something different with it. It will be fitted with RGB LEDs so I can solder them and make better connections.

IMG_20140618_142810Each color of all of the LEDs will be controlled by one pin. I haven’t used transistors in a long time (I’ve always had a fear of them) so I did some testing on a breadboard before I start soldering anything.IMG_20140619_154622I never use stranded wire so I went to pick some up today and soldered the “main” LED. The other LEDs will be chained to to each other, but this one will be the point of connection from the LEDs in parallel to the transitors. While I lose the ability to control each LED individually, I only have four moving wires to worry about this time. Hopefully my circuit makes sense. I’ll be back with a test soon enough. Thanks for visiting!


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