Risk and Reward

I’ve been in a project slump for a while now. I’ve decided to make a move on yet another experiment with the light show project. There’s a lot of risk in diving into the mess backstage. With wires flying everywhere, it’s so easy to have one (or a bunch) become disconnected and make for a really bad headache. I have a really interesting plan but it’s not going to happen if I don’t take the dive.IMG_20140617_131111The new light bar seen in the newest show, Jealous, was unreliable. Sometimes, an LED would randomly stop working and I couldn’t trace it back to any of the connection points so I think it was just some bad jumper wires. They will all be combined and controlled by one pin so I can free up a few pins to add something new.IMG_20140617_131147I don’t want to solder these LEDs because I want to be able to swap them for different colors depending on what I want for the next show… but the jumper wires have proved to be unreliable in this application so I’m not sure what to do next. Hopefully I can make a compromise soon.

The new addition will be a secret until it becomes part of a show. I want it to be one of those things that show up as a surprise, kind of how I wanted the light bar to be in Jealous, only being used halfway through the show. This will likely be the last addition to this stage. It’s somewhat of a big addition, with both new hardware and programming challenges, so it will be a while. Stay tuned!


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