EERef: Wrapping it up


The Electronics Engineering Reference program is a personal project that started back in March of 2014. Over the weeks, it expanded with the addition of new topics, calculators, and tutorials, and the Quiz Center. It also went through major design changes that changed both the color scheme and layout of the program.

This project, like all of my projects so far, have been for fun. I take on these different projects to experiment with things I already know and to keep learning more. I’ve learned a lot from this project in both design and function and so I think it’s time to move on. I still have a list of things I would have liked to add to the program, but with pretty low public usage, I don’t have much motivation to continue. With that, the version now available ( is the final build, unless something comes up. You can make requests for features by commenting on this blog post that could maybe possibly reopen this project.

Thank you for using EERef.


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