Fun with hot glue

I was bored today (as I am everyday) so I decided to try something I saw on Instructables a long while ago. People were using hot glue to diffuse the light from LEDs and to make small shapes.

IMG_1411My focus of this experiment was to see how the light looks on different shapes made of hot glue, mainly strings. The light didn’t really get very far.
IMG_1412The glue is not clear when it is dry so it makes for a good diffuser for the clear lens LEDs. I couldn’t really get the shapes I was hoping for since the light didn’t go very far down the hot glue string.
IMG_1410I was hoping to make a project out of this if the result was better but I don’t think I will bother. Oh well, at least I tried. It’s also great that the hot glue snaps off of the LED with no residue or excess glue left behind so no LEDs were harmed in this experiment.

I’ve seen other people have better luck, so if you’ve tried this yourself, share your results in the comments!


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