Arduino Light Show 5.1 – “Jealous”

I’m proud to present a new Arduino light show, introducing a new element to the stage! The new element is a bar of 6 LEDs that rotate together.IMG_20140530_152204This new addition takes up the remaining pins on the Arduino Mega, except for one which is to keep the RX pin free (wasn’t allowing uploads with anything connected to it).

I’m still calling it an experimental feature because there are some issues I need to address. Every time I went back to work on the show, one of the LEDs would stop working. I’ve fixed it by swapping out some of the jumper wires but it does not seem like it’s a reliable fix. I wanted to use jumper wires so that I would have the female connectors to allow me to swap out the LEDs for different colors and because they’re flexible. I’ll probably be redoing the wiring for the bar before the next show. There are also issues with the ends of the bar moving out of place (you can see it tilted in the video and picture above), but that should be easy enough fix…

Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “Arduino Light Show 5.1 – “Jealous”

  1. This is amazing and very creative =)
    How do you program the arduino to sync with the song? Do you actually use delays and sync everything? It would be great to see a video on you explaining how you actually code the arduino.


    • Thank you!

      Yes, all I’m using are delays and for-loops. I keep replaying the song and add new code (or modify things I don’t like) until I reach the end of the song. I will consider making a blog post or series with a more in-depth look at the process as I do get this question a lot.


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