Back to life!

After three days of complaining about my computer and Windows, things are getting back on track. I’ve got to give a shoutout to Mike’s Computer Shop. This is my first order from them and it was literally shipped an hour after ordering. It arrived the next day (today) through free UPS shipping. The price for the hard drive was the cheapest I could find, though I think that may be because it might be open-box or refurbished as it did not come in official Western Digital packaging. It was still packed well, in an antistatic bag inside of a cardboard box. If I ever have the money to build a computer or something, I’ll definitely go back to them.IMG_20140527_112918

It was unexpected to have my hard drive crap out like it did, although it appears like five years is about the lifetime of a mechanical hard drive so I guess it was bound to happen shortly. The moral of the story is back up your data! Sign up for Dropbox, where I (luckily) have my latest EERef files stored.

Excuse me while I go through a gig of updates…


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