My laptop, which I do everything on, died on me. I suspect it is a hard drive failure so I just ordered the cheapest one from Mike’s Computer Shop. I read some reviews that the shipping was fast so that’s why I sort of rushed into it. I will let you know how it turns out for me. I have a bad habit of sitting around indecisively when I will eventually have purchased one anyway. I can’t afford to buy a new PC. With no income, I could barely afford this hard drive (it’s out of my small emergency funds).

So with my hard drive dead, I lost everything that was on it. My two biggest concerns were the files for my Electronics Engineering Reference and my NoLimits 2 game park files, because they’re the content I’ve been sharing on the internet recently. The Visual Studio files for the latest version of EERef is backed up in a cloud. I have a copy of my NoLimits 2 park saved on my external hard drive, but it’s from a few weeks ago so I don’t know what’s missing.

This is probably the biggest computer problem I’ve faced in a while. When I knew even less about computers back in the 2000’s when we had a shared family PC, we’d run into hard disk problems and major malfunctions like this very regularly. I don’t know if it’s because we purchased our computers from a sketchy place (MDG) or if it’s because we just weren’t ready for it, I’m just glad it’s not as common these days and that things can be backed up and ready to go again if you’re wise about it.

II find troubleshooting to be fun, even if it is frustrating and sometimes costly. Here’s hoping this new hard drive works out. Otherwise, I’m stuck with this netbook (running Fedora)…

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