Windows… I’d like to throw my PC out of one

My computer (a laptop) is coming up to its 5th birthday next month. I got it on my birthday in 2009 just before I started college. It has gone to and from downtown Toronto with me and I’ve upgraded from the pre-installed Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 over the years. Where do we find ourselves now?IMG_1248I’m reinstalling Windows 7.

I think when Windows 8 is running well, it is my favorite of the bunch. I got used to the Start Screen and “missing” Start button. I thought finding things was more efficient and nicer looking compared to the classic menu. You can still have the same Start optimization on other versions but I liked this the best.

When I updated to 8.1, my PC absolutely hated it. My computer basically became unusable (15 minute boot times) so I went back to Windows 8. When the second 8.1 update came out, I decided to jump to it to see if it would work on my PC. It was even worse. So I went back to Windows 8.

Today, all of my programs started freezing up and eventually my screen blanked out when I tried to open the Task Manager, which always took forever to open in Windows 8 for some reason. I pulled the plug but my computer couldn’t boot back up after teasing me with a flash of the Windows 8 logo. Through a quick search, it appears to be an issue with the “fast boot” feature and doing a hard reset.

Luckily, I had a random 100GB partition on my hard drive so I’m installing Windows 7 there in hopes all of my files are still on the larger partition. I’d be incredibly sad if I lose my EERef stuff.

So that’s my Friday. I hope you’re having a better one.


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